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Why Pay More?

A common commission in Ottawa is 5% (commission rates vary in the marketplace). At this rate, if your home sells for $300,000, you are paying $15,000 in commission. At $400,000, you are paying $20,000 in commission, and so on. Ask yourself: what are you receiving for that price? (your home posted to MLS®, a sign out front, viewings scheduled, a registered REALTOR®, etc.) These are all important in completing a successful residential real estate transaction, but higher commissions do not reflect today’s marketplace. In the past, realty was driven by paid advertising and home-to-home visits. Today, a buyer can find their dream home and area before they even call an agent. Buyers have access to MLS® and technology such as virtual tours, and search themselves. In this Internet-driven, consumer-savvy marketplace, the concept of One Percent Realty makes sense and the proof is in the results - the company is flourishing, and more and more clients are saving their money. This is how much you will save for a home selling at $300,000 and $400,000 (see below for more details):

LISTING           OTHER           1%                     YOUR

PRICE              GUYS*             REALTY           SAVINGS

$ 300,000        $15,000            $ 6,900              $ 8,100

$ 400,000        $20,000            $ 6,900              $13,100

*compared with a broker charging 5%, not all brokers charge the same.

Your property will attract a buyer if priced realistically and competitively. Paying thousands more in commission is not what will sell your property. It will sell with the exposure required to attract the right buyer for your home. Consider this scenario: your home and a similar home in the area are both listed. The other home is listed at $400,000 (with a 5% commission); you could list your home for $395,000 and still walk away with more money after the commission is paid. Would you buy the more expensive one based on the real estate agency, or the cheaper one?

Lane has a public relations/marketing background, is a professionally licensed Realtor®, and provides all the MLS® REALTOR® services expected of a full service real estate agent to attract the right buyer for your home:

  • MLS® Listing on the Local Board &

  • Lockbox

  • Showing your Home

  • Signage & Digital Photos

  • Advertising & Internet Marketing

  • Professional Real Estate Agent

  • Complimentary Market Evaluation

  • Responding to Consumer & REALTOR® Inquiries

  • Assisting Sellers in Offer Negotiations

  • Cooperating with Buyers Brokers

  • Assisting in the Completion & Possession

For more information on why to use a  REALTOR®, visit:

Additional reasons to choose Lane:

  • Lane’s business is supported by his wife Teresa, an unregistered assistant to help in scheduling appointments, photography, etc.

  • “In-house” professional graphic design! Teresa has operated her own graphic design company for over 13 years, including web design and social media marketing - and provides Lane a good family discount on her services

  • No more than 3 clients at a time - Lane will only take on 3 clients at a time to ensure the utmost focus and incentive on your selling your home before taking on any new clients


Q. What Do You Charge?

A. First, you only pay if your home sells. For homes listed under $600,000 we charge a flat rate of $6,900 plus HST. If your home is $350,000 or $599,000 we charge the same: $6,900. For homes listed over $600,000, we charge 1.9% on the first $100,000 and 1% on the balance of the selling price. So a home priced at $700,000 is $7,900, $800,000 is $8,900 and so forth. See the chart below to see how much of your hard earned money you can save while still receiving the full MLS® service you expect!

LISTING           OTHER           1%                     YOUR

PRICE              GUYS*             REALTY           SAVINGS

$ 200,000        $10,000            $ 6,900              $ 3,100

$ 300,000        $15,000            $ 6,900              $ 8,100

$ 400,000        $20,000            $ 6,900              $13,100

$ 500,000        $25,000            $ 6,900              $18,100

$ 600,000        $30,000            $ 6,900              $23,100

$ 700,000        $35,000            $ 7,900              $27,100

$1,000,000      $50,000            $10,900             $39,100

*compared with a broker charging 5%, not all brokers charge the same.

Q. Are Your Listings on MLS® and

A. Yes and yes.

Q. How Does an Agent for the Buyer Get Paid? Do I Have to Pay Them?

A. The $6,900 commission includes $3,000 commission to your agent (the Listing Agent), $3,000 of commission to the Buyer's representative, and the remaining $900 pays for the expenses incurred in selling your home.

Q. Are There Any Upfront Fees to List Your Home with 1%?

A. No.

Q. Will Other Agents Show One Percent Listings?

A. Easily the most frequently asked question...Why would an agent show his/her client a One Percent listing when that agent can show a different listing and possibly earn more? There are several reasons why: (1) First and foremost, agents have an ethical duty to show all listings, regardless of commission, unless they are authorized by their client to do otherwise; (2) Agents still earn a commission; (3) Buyers can easily find One Percent listings on a number of websites including or The proof is in the results: most of our homes in Ontario are sold by Cooperating agents.

Q. What is the difference between One Percent Realty and other brokerages?

A. One Percent Realty Ltd. is a FULL SERVICE low commission Real Estate Brokerage.

We believe that consumers want the assistance of a Professional Agent and a Listing on their local MLS® Real Estate Board but at a great low commission rate. Your property will attract a buyer if priced realistically. Paying thousands more in commission is not what will sell your property, it will sell because of the exposure we provide to attract the right buyer for your home.

Q. How Does The $6,900 Commission Break Down?

A. For homes under $600,000 we charge $6,900. $3,000 is for Lane ("listing agent"), $3,000 is for the buyer's agent ("selling agent"), $900 is allocated for expenses (includes the fee to my office when I sell your home, advertising costs  & MLS® system fee). You pay absolutely nothing until your home is sold! One Percent Realty sells many properties. One Percent REALTORS® don't have the overhead costs other many other agents have and our low commission structure allows us to focus on serving our clients instead of wasting valuable time soliciting new business.

Q. What Do You Mean By "Full Real Estate Services"?

A. Full Real Estate Services includes listing your property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS®) of our Board, , , taking photos, advertising your property, for sale sign, lockbox, showings, all documentation and contracts, negotiations, keeping you informed, cooperating with brokerages representing buyers, responding to inquiries - THE WORKS!

Q. What's The Best Way To Contact You?

A. Email at, or call directly, 613-852-4556.

Looking to Buy?

Receive $1,500 Cashback Rebate on all home purchases*

* This rebate offer is only available & paid directly by Lane Anker as Salesperson and not other licensees in One Percent Realty Ltd. Rebate is subject to the commission funds being received by the Salesperson. Buyer agent commission must be at least 2% for a rebate to apply otherwise, none will apply. The rebate also does not apply to any properties listed for sale by One Percent Realty Ltd. Limited time offer subject to conditions. Not intended to induce a breach of an existing buyer or seller contract.

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