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A resident of Haldimand County since 1990 with my wife and son , we have enjoyed the years in this area and managed with many others thru tougher times. A long time steelworker in the area, circumstances took us away from Haldimand for 12 months in the USA. That did not work out and we decided to move back to Canada. With no jobs, we were not tied to returning to any specific area. We came back to Haldimand County. It's where we wanted to live and continue with our many friends and family. 

Haldimand County is a great place to live and I tell that to people all the time.

Shortly after returning to Caledonia and the struggling steel indusrtry,I decided it was time to make a career change and that was to the Real Estate indusrty where I could help people make their real estate goals come true. 

I have successfully worked for large, national real estate brokerages long enough to realize the traditional model was not for me, and an alternative would be good for my clients. I searched and found One Percent Realty Ltd. - FULL SERVICE REAL ESTATE AT A FRACTION OF THE COST!

 As an example, on a house that sells for $260,000 and based on a common 5% listing commission              ( commissions do vary), you would pay $13000 + HST = $14690. With One Percent Realty Ltd. you will pay $6900 + HST = $7797.  SAVE $6893 . 

I have been an accountant, a purchasing agent in the tough steel indusrty, a volunteer in local minor sports, and I believe people should be treated fairly, wiith respect and know the options.  

It's your money, if another broker can convince you to choose them vs I, go with them.

However I encourage you to take the time to listen to the value I can provide and then compare to the others. Don't let the other Agent explain my services - some don't like my approach.

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