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Over 112 Homes SOLD. Over 2 MILLION dollars saved in the last 3 years alone 

(In comparison to the traditional 5% commission model. Agents fees/commissions may vary)

I have worked in all the Models to Sell Real Estate; FSBO, Flat Fee Discount Brokerages, 30-Day guaranteed or I pay, you name it. Having both inside experience as well as cooperating experience with these Models, I can speak transparently about all the pro’s, con’s & limitations (fine print). 

Thinking about Selling your Home? Want to explore all your options? I would recommend any Seller to do their due diligence and know all options available to them. Just make sure to also use One Percent Realty as your reference - even against any top performing traditional Agent. If you want to call me to be a sounding board or to fully explain 1% -- Just Call Me Anytime !

Why did I become a 1% Agent?

> I had to experience the different Models first hand before I could know how I did/did not want to service Real Estate. 

In regards to working for a top Traditional Brokerage, when I asked my Clients if that mattered to them .. they all said no. All would stir over the commission costs eating into their equity. Can a traditional agent sell your home, sell it fast, and drive interest & competition to theoretically sell your home for top dollar : Yes. But so does One Percent Realty. The exact same Real Estate services, at a fraction of the cost. 

> In regards to a  Seller using a discount flat fee brokerage, it was the initial allure of saving money that first attracted Sellers. But with this model, it proved to only be a front end discount… the bottom line at the end of the transaction was not what most anticipated … Sellers sat significantly longer on market, only roughly 50% actually sold, limited exposure (not on local MLS),  99%+ sold under asking price, and the majority of these sellers still have to cooperate & pay for a buyer agent to close the deal. With One Percent Realty, EVERY buyer & agent sees your home for sale. Professional HD presentation & maximum online exposure. No restrictions.

> In regards to FSBO, there are private buyers out there of course. But they certainly aren’t going to pay top dollar (market value) for your home. Private Buyers will just calculate the agent costs you would have spent, and just deduct that from their offer anyways. Very few homes sell privately & without the aid of an Agent. The consistent feedback I get about FSBO is; constant agent solicitation, no online exposure, difficult to view/ difficult to negotiate, mainly low ball offers, offers littered with conditions, and majority of sellers ultimately give up and list with a realtor at the end of the day. One Percent Realty gives you an experienced Realtor, start to finish. You have a Realtor who provides you all the services that a top traditional Brokerage will give you, but for significantly less. Keep your hard earned money & equity. Sell the *Smart Way*. Sell with One Percent Realty. 

“With One Percent Realty, I can provide full and unrestricted services to all my Clients. I can utilize my extensive experience and knowledge to provide results, win offers, and get your home SOLD. I can stand behind this Company 100%” 

- Dylan J. Stewart

Dylan is a Full-Time Realtor, with over 222+ Sales to Date. Contact Dylan today to get started, to save money & to experience next level services to Buy & Sell !



Top 1% Performer

*Over 60 Transactions*


Top 1% Performer

*Over 50 Transactions*


Top 1% Performer

*Platinum Award*

*Over 50 Transactions*

Please visit my Website to explore more about me, about One Percent Realty & contact me anytime !



Dylan has helped over 222+ Clients sell and buy their next home! Combining his passion and sheer will, Dylan’s dedication to providing next level services has put him among the Top Producing Agents of Ontario.

After graduating with a Dean’s Honours for Architecture & Building Science, Dylan immersed himself into the industry of Construction. The hunger to acquire a well-rounded knowledge and understanding of how things work is what drove Dylan to excel. Starting off as a humble labourer, Dylan then proceeded to adapt his skills and knowledge gaining such titles as; framer, supervisor, draftsman, project coordinator/manager and finally Realtor*

Having owned several of his own homes, flipped, created rental properties or built homes with his own hands, Dylan is equipped to bring the highest level of Services to his Clients.

“I strongly believe that my studies & having the opportunity to be involved in such a wide range of residential/commercial construction is why I do well in Real Estate. But, I am a successful Realtor simply because I care. Caring to improve myself as well as my ability to Service my Clients. My main goal has always been to educate my Clients so that they can feel confident they not only make the right decisions but are also buying the right home*. – Dylan J. Stewart

Why Sell (and Buy) with One Percent Realty ?

I Offer Full Realtor Service, without any Compromise, without the High Commission!

Full-Time Licensed Agents. Full Real Estate Service Included

Cost to Sell with me is $7950 +hst. That’s it ! No hidden fees.

(1% Commission + $950 For Homes Over $700,000)

No Upfront Cost Or Fees -> ONLY pay WHEN I Sell your home !

Get The Best Value For Your Home 
We stay current with all market trends so that we can best advise our Clients. We turn information into Knowledge. We turn Knowledge into SOLDS. 

With over 150+ Listings SOLD in the past 3 years alone, we can say with absolute confidence;

We have extension experience. We have the skills & Resources Required.

"We Deliver Results”

Why Sell with us?

Full Service Brokerage at a Fraction of the Cost

No Hidden Fees ! No Upfront Costs !

No Risk ! You only Pay WHEN we Sell your Home !

We are a Full Service Real Estate Team. 

Offering you Fuller Pockets.

(Keep your hard earned money)

We List & Sell our Clients Homes for a FRACTION of the cost, without compromising any of our services or quality!

Identical Services to any Top Producing Tradition Agent

**EVERY Buyer & Agent will see your Property for Sale**

Fully Cooperate with Private Buyers & Other Agents

**Over 85% of our Listings sell to Buyer Agents**

Profession HD Photography & Video Tours

All Negotiations & documents by Us !

Open Houses & Viewings by Us !

 Full MLS & Online Exposure

Full-Time Licensed Realtors

Top 1% Producing Realtors

Start to Finish Support. 24/7

Social Media Marketing 

Quality Print Outs


What Can you Save?

Your House



MLS® Broker*






































*compared with a broker charging 5%, not all brokers charge the same.

Average Traditional Brantford & Brant County Detached Home is *$500,000

Frequently Asked Questions;


How does One Percent Realty work?

We are a full licensed Real Estate Brokerage who delivers full listing services to our Sellers. Our Sellers get the exact same services any top performing Realtor provides, but without the HIGH commission fee. Full exposure. Professional & Quality online & local presence. 

We are on MLS®, all the top internet real estates sites, we place a sign on your property & around your area to ensure you stay current & visible, we show the property, hold open houses, advertise it, handle all the negotiations, plus the conveyancing. There is nothing that you are not getting, except for a high commission!


What do you charge?

Our full listing services cost $7,950 + hst for all residential property under $700,000.

For Property above $700,000, our full listing costs are 1% + $950+ hst listing fee.

Seller reserves the right to offer more commission to the buyer's agent, if they want to.

No Up front costs. No hidden fees.

Pay only WHEN we sell your Home.


Are your listings on MLS®, realtor.ca  and shared across the web?

 YES! Maximum Online & local presence.

EVERY Buyer and Realtor will see your Home for Sale.


What if a buyer has his own agent? Do I have to pay them?

If the Seller accepts an offer from a Buyer who has an Agent, the Buyer Agent's fee is already built-in and included in the $7,950+hst.

The $7,950 commission includes $3,500 of commission to whomever represents the Buyer. 

For any Residential Property that sells under  $700,000 with 1% ;

The 1% listing agent earns $3500, the cooperating Brokerage earns $3500, and the remaining $950 pays for the 1% agent's expenses in selling your home.


Can I offer the Buyer agent more than $3,500 (or 0.5% in homes over $700,000) on MLS®?

Yes, if you want to offer more commission to the Buyer’s agent on MLS® than $3500 or 0.5% in homes over $700,000 – the choice is yours. We would still charge you the same fee for our listing portion of the commission and you could offer those Buyer’s agents a higher MLS® commission if you wanted to. Since we don’t believe offering any additional commission is necessary, if One Percent Realty sells your home ourselves without an outside Buyer agent we will only charge you $7950 for a home under $700,000 (or 1% + $950 for a home over $700,000).


With Other Agents show my house if it's listing with 1% Realty? Or Take their Client to another house offerings more money in their pocket?

Our listings are shown by cooperating REALTORS® everyday just like other listings on MLS®. We have been proving the Same Successful 1% listing service since 1989.  What we have seen across Canada over those years is that over 80% of our listings sales are sold by cooperating agents. 

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