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Sue Nori is an Orillia area Realtor® who brings personal experience as both a property investor and property manager to her clients. As an enthusiastic real estate investor herself, she understands that getting into today’s high-priced market often requires utilizing unique and personalized strategies, especially for families looking to Buy or Sell in popular cottage country communities such as Orillia.

(Properties over $700,000 are 1% + $950)

Full Service Real Estate at Fraction of the Price

·          MLS® listing


·          Showing your home

·          Open houses

·          Signage & Photos

·          Advertising

·          Market evaluation

·          Expert REALTOR® at your side

·          and more — the works!

(**$3500 to the Buyers Agent  / $3500 to the Sellers Agent / $950 Fee upon closing)


How It Works – 1% Commission   

I will sell your home for 1% commission. Commonly, when selling a home, the homeowner will pay 2-2.5% commission to the selling agent and 2-2.5% commission to the listing agent.    (Example: If your house sold for $500,000 you would pay $25,000 in commission ($12,500 to selling agent & $12,500 to buyers agent).

Conversely when I sell your house for 1%, you only pay $3500 to each agent plus a $950 fee at closing.

A 60% savings! 

Things to expect from an agent charging 2.5% when selling your home…..

·         Home Evaluation

·         MLS Listing

·         Open Houses

·         Market Analysis

·         Professional Photography

·         Strong Negotiators

·         Personalized Marketing Plan

·         Knowledge of Industry Experts

Things to expect from me when charging 1% to sell your home….

·         Home Evaluation

·         MLS Listing

·         Open Houses

·         Market Analysis

·         Professional Photography

·         Strong Negotiators

·         Personalized Marketing Plan

·         Knowledge of Industry Experts

 As you can see, we offer full services to all our clients, we simply charge less!

(* This offer is not intended to breach any existing buyer representative agreement nor intended to solicit properties already listed for sale.)


“You Owe it to Yourself & Your Hard Earned Equity!”

Spending $10,000-$50,000 or more to sell your home is a lot of money. If you are thinking about selling your home call your regular agent that you used last time, but this time also call us to compare our services and commission rates. Being full-service agents, we provide free no obligation market evaluations just like the other guys. Please don’t let someone else tell you about our system, let us tell you exactly what we will do to sell your home. You and your hard-earned equity will be glad you did!

Flexibility to offer more commission to the buyer’s agent, if you want to

If you still want to offer more commission to the Buyer’s agent on MLS® (more than $3500 or 0.5% in homes over $700,000) – the choice is yours. We would still charge you the same fee for our listing portion of the commission and you could offer those Buyer’s agents a higher MLS® commission if you wanted to. Since we don’t believe offering any additional commission is necessary, if One Percent Realty sells your home ourselves without an outside Buyer agent we will only charge you $7950 for a home under $700,000 (or 1% + $950 for a home over $700,000).

 List with me and I project manage all your pre-sale repairs & upgrades for free!   I do this for my clients every day! 

Getting top dollar for your home sale means more than just staging………

Remember……. the way you live in your house is not the way you sell it. My team and I will immediately focus on the work needed to ensure your home sells for top dollar in the shortest amount of time and for the least amt of pre-sale preparatory investment possible.


·        That’s .5% of a final purchase price BACK TO YOU….. (ie. You buy a $500,000 home with me; you get a $2500 rebate cheque!)

·         Once my commission is received, I either bring you the cheque in person or mail it to your new address

·         I provide a written Guarantee for this rebate! 

      When you see properties you would like to view and are ready to commit to purchasing (ie you have a mortgage pre-approval from your bank or mortgage broker), call me and I will work with you setting up viewings and starting the buying process……

(**This offer is not intended to breach any existing buyer representative agreement nor intended to solicit properties already listed for sale. This rebate offer of .5% (of the purchase price paid to the Co-operating Brokerage, One Percent Realty Ltd), is only available from this salesperson, Sue Nori, & not other licensees in One Percent Realty Ltd. or the Brokerage itself.  Rebate is subject to the commission funds being received by One Percent Realty Ltd. & being paid to the Salesperson, who is then personally responsible to pay the rebate after Completion of the Sale to the buyer.  Commission paid to the Co-operating Brokerage, One Percent Realty Ltd, must be at least 1.5% or more for the Rebate to apply. If Commission Being offered is less than 1.5%, then no rebate will apply. The rebate also does not apply to any properties listed for sale by One Percent Realty Ltd. )



For Sellers & Buyers – Contact Sue immediately to book an appt.   




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