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Kevin Boughen is a Licensed Real Estate Sales Representative with One Percent Realty Ltd Brokerage, and has been a proud home owner at the "Windfall Development" at The Blue Mountains for over 4 years.

Kevin is also an active Real Estate Investor and a Licensed Mortgage Broker. He has been assisting others in real estate purchases for over 20 years and since that time has assisted hundreds of clients purchase properties and has facilitated over $50,000,000 of Real Estate transactions. KEVIN KNOWS THE REAL ESTATE BUSINESS! Kevin's success is largely attributed to his attention to detail and commitment to every client's individual real estate needs.

Use Kevin's experience, to your advantage, and put Thousands of Dollars back in your pocket, where it belongs!


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Traditional 5%
MLS® Broker*
Your Savings!

$ 300,000 $ 7,950$ 15,000$ 7,050
$ 400,000 $ 7,950$ 20,000$ 12,050
$ 500,000 $ 9,950$ 25,000$ 15,050
$ 600,000 $ 9,950$ 30,000$ 20,050
$ 700,000 $ 9,950$ 35,000$ 25,050
$ 800,000 $ 9,950$ 40,000$ 30,050
$ 900,000 $ 9,950$ 45,000$ 35,050
$ 1,000,000$ 10,950$ 50,000$ 39,050
*compared with a broker charging 5%, not all brokers charge the same.

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$29,000 SAVED!

WOW! Over $29,000.00 saved with the One Percent System!
$50,000 SAVED!

Congratulations to my Clients, who trusted me, and the 1% system to save over $50,000.00!!!!
$12,000 SAVED!

Thank you for trusting the NEW way to sell real estate by saving THOUSANDS in commission.

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