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As a Father, I understand. 

As a tradesperson, I understand. 

As an investor, I understand. 

As a former military member, I understand. 

I understand what it takes to get ahead financially. 

I understand what it is to wait for the "good deals" to come along. 

I want you to understand about the extra money you will not have to pay. 

I want you to understand that you will be represented by a full service brokerage. 

I want you to understand that you don't have to give away your hard earned money. 


I started my adult life heading to basic training with two duffle bags and forty seven dollars. I understand starting from the bottom.  

 After three years as an infantry soldier with the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, and experiencing many things that I will talk about for a lifetime.  I understand "Coming home". 

With skills that don't transfer well, I became a proud factory worker.  I understand living from paycheque to paycheque.  

Then I was part of a mass layoff.  I understand. 

I borrowed money for welding classes and became a production welder paid by the piece.  I understand piece work and the effects.  

The welding certifications I earned lead to a millwright apprenticeship.  I understand the challenges and budgeting of an apprentice. 

As a contractor Millwright/ Welder, I worked in a variety of environments from food processing, manufacturing and production, aggregates, agriculture, amusement and waste facilities.  I understand and appreciate where most make their money. 


Along the rough road of life, my amazing wife helped smooth the way.  We became parents of three awesome kids.  I understand the challenges of parenting, and I should mention we had a set of identical twins just to make life more interesting. 

My wife put here career on hold to raise our children, and a wonderful job she did. I understand the sacrifices that are taken to invest the time for a wholesome upbringing, to instill the strong values and life skills that children need. 


What does that have to do with buying or selling a property?  

Well, I just want you to know, I understand. 


My experience in real estate dates back to the late nineteen hundreds, and knew that some day I was going to be a realtor. 

Being raised on the farm and having new power lines sever off a portion of land, I was interested. Over the years and owning many properties, I have purchased and sold with and without a realtor, even went to a yard sale and bought the yard.  I have experienced the good, and the bad, and some unbelievable happenings (I can explain when we meet).  

 I personally saved tens of thousands in commissions over the years, the hard way. So when I heard that One Percent Reality Ltd. is offering real estate services without the high commission rates, I knew I would be a good fit as a sales representative with them. 

 I look forward to an interview with you about your real estate needs. I say interview because that is what you are doing is interviewing for someone to work for you and  your family and to focus on your needs, wants and your best interest. There was an old saying "you only get what you pay for", times have changed and that once a fair fee to pay for travel and overhead is no longer. This is the twenty first century, save your money on real estate fees and put it towards, what you want. I understand. 


If you are looking for a realtor that is honest, personable, respectable, caring and understands? Then give me a call and we can discuss your situation, and if you choose, set up a pressure free interview. 


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