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Ottawa, Hintonburg, Westboro, Nepean, Byward Market, The Glebe, Kanata, Stittsville, Barrhaven, Riverside South, Centretown, Sandy Hill, Vanier, Old Ottawa South, Alta Vista, Rockcliffe Park, New Edinburg, Carlington, Britannia, Bells Corners, Centrepointe, Uplands, Gloucester

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I am an experienced real estate investor and I market all my listings on MLS®,, and various other real estate websites.  I offer a free market evaluation of your home, detailed staging advice, 3D home tour, professional photos, "For Sale" real estate signs, e-signatures, negotiation tips, and explain all documentation (ie: Listing Agreement) and contracts (ie: Agreement of Purchase and Sale) in detail.

You can count on me for a quick response time, honesty, solid real estate advice and professional service.  You can also count on me to get you connected to various real estate professionals such as mortgage brokers, home inspectors, real estate lawyers, surveyors, staging companies, and contractors that I have had previous positive experiences with.

I'm never pushy and I'm always looking out for my clients. I switched to One Percent Realty Ltd. to help revamp the real estate industry and better help my clients sell and buy real estate. I truly believe in the One Percent Realty model and I believe the fees fairly compensates myself and other Realtors® for our efforts.

A little more about me, as a teenager my step father taught me about real estate investments and property management. While I was growing up I learned how to install floors, tiles, and backsplash.  I also learned how to landscape, drywall, mud, and paint.  Since then, I have bought a couple income properties within a 10 minute drive from Ottawa's downtown core and used these skills to renovate them and rent them out as a second source of income.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What do my services include?

  1. Establish "Fair Market Value" of your home based on comparable homes

  2. Identify pros and cons of selling strategies (ie: holding offers or NOT holding offers)

  3. Recommend a selling strategy based on your home and current market climate 

  4. Walk through the property to provide important staging advice

  5. Prepare a “Listing Agreement” (no hidden fees)

  6. Write up and upload the Listing to MLS® and

  7. Take professional quality wide angle lens photos

  8. Edit the photos that will be uploaded with Adobe Photoshop

  9. Capturing a 3D Tour that will be uploaded to MLS® and

  10. Place a large professional “For Sale” Sign on your property

  11. Place a lockbox on your property

  12. Submit advertisements to over 20 real estate websites

  13. Inform Realtors® who have similar listings in your immediate area

  14. Hold an “Open Home” at a time convenient to you (subject to COVID-19 restrictions)

  15. Arrange showings for buyers and buyers’ Realtors®

  16. Show your home to potential buyers without a Realtor®

  17. Request feedback from potential buyers.  Address any issues brought up

  18. Present, review, and explain details of offers obtained

  19. Provide offer “negotiation” advice based on winning strategies

  20. Offer e-signatures (DocuSign) services and e-meetings when necessary

Q: What do we charge? (When selling real estate)

We charge a total of $7,950 for residential properties under $700,000. For residential properties over $700,000 we charge 1% of the sale price + $950. We also offer the flexibility to offer more commission to the buyer's agent. It is as simple as that!

Value of
Your House
We Charge
(Including HST)
Broker Charging 5%
(Including HST)
Money You Save
*Compared with Broker charging typical MLS commission of 5%.
Not all brokers charge the same. | Not intended to induce a breach in Buyer or Seller contract.

Q: How does the $7950 commission break down?

For homes under $700,000 we charge $7,950. $3500 is for me ("listing agent"), $3500 is for the buyer's agent ("selling agent"), and $950 is allocated for expenses (includes MLS® system fee, advertising costs, insurance costs and a small fee to my office when I sell your home). You pay absolutely nothing until your home is sold!

Q: By charging significantly less for the same work, how do I still earn a living?

I truly think it's because we have a newer and more efficient real estate business model...

-I work from my home office (eliminating the cost for expensive office space)

-I market myself exclusively online (eliminating most traditional marketing costs)

-My brokerage takes a very small cut of what I made, allowing me to charge significantly less which results in more sales, more experience, and happier clients.

-I take advantage of technology such as e-signatures and e-meetings to help streamline my client's real estate transactions. It allows for quicker response times, less wasted effort and reducing travel time and costs for myself and my clients (for example: using e-signatures to sign an amendment vs. meeting in person to make a counter offer change)

Q: Can I offer the Buyer's Realtor® more than $3,500 (or more than 0.5% in homes over $700,000)?

Yes, if you want to offer more commission to the Buyer’s agent on MLS® than $3500 or 0.5% in homes over $700,000 – the choice is completely yours. We would still charge the same fee for our listing portion of the commission. Furthermore, if a One Percent Realty Realtor® sells your home without an outside buyer agent we will only charge you $7950 for a home under $700,000 (or 1% + $950 for a home over $700,000) instead of the higher commission originally offered to the buyer's agent! This is just another example how we are always looking out for your best interest.

Q: Will other Realtors® show One Percent Listings?

Why would a Realtor® show his or her client a One Percent Listing when that Realtor® can show a different listing and possibly earn more? There are several reasons why other Realtors® show One Percent listings:

(1) The MLS® Portal, which is set up by a buyer's Realtor® automatically notifies buyers by email when a new One Percent listing is posted that fits their search criteria regardless of the Cooperating brokerage's commission. It is the showing Realtor's® "duty of obedience" to show the listing if the buyer asks to have the listing shown

(2) Realtors® have an ethical duty to show all listings, regardless of commission, unless they are specifically authorized by their client to do otherwise

(3) Realtors® will still earn a good commission

(4) Buyers can easily find all One Percent listings on various real estate websites including and

Q: What if a buyer has his own Realtor®?

The $7,950 commission includes $3,500 of commission to whomever represents the Buyer. In a typical sale under $700,000 with 1% representing the Seller and the Buyer being represented by a Cooperating Brokerage: the 1% listing agent earns $3500, the cooperating Brokerage earns $3500, and the remaining $950 pays for the 1% agent's expenses in selling your home. As a matter of passing interest, over 80% of our listing sales in Ontario were sold by cooperating outside agents through the Multiple Listing Service. If an agent tells you that our listings are not sold by other agents, they are simply lying. We have years of MLS® statistics across Canada to prove it.

Q: Does One Percent Realty Work?

Yes, One Percent Realty works! My clients have saved thousands of dollars in real estate commission and so have thousands of other Canadians using One Percent Realty. Your property will attract a buyer when priced at market value. Paying thousands more in commission is not what will sell your property, your property will sell because of the outstanding exposure we provide to attract the right buyer for your home. It would be my pleasure to show you my "SOLD" 2020 and 2021 MLS listings. Call me at 613-325-2103 to set up a meeting or e-meeting.

Q: What is the deal with One Percent Realty?

We are a fully licensed real estate brokerage that offers real estate services at a discounted commission by charging and earning less per transaction. In terms of services and exposure, we are identical to whoever you would like to compare us with. We list properties on MLS®,, and many other real estates websites. We place a sign on your property (if it's allowed), we conduct 3D Tours, take professional quality photos, we show your property to buyers without Realtors®, hold open houses, and offer negotiation advice. I personally like to think of my brokerage as the Uber® of Taxis - we provide the same service but with a modern approach and at a much lower cost to you.

Q: I'm looking to buy, what do you charge?

When a Realtor® represents a buyer the commission is always paid by the seller. This means my services are completely free to you. What sets me apart is that I share my earned commission with you in the form of a cashback. Call me at 613-325-2103 or email me at for details. If you are looking for income properties, I offer cash flow analysis and CAP ratios to compare income properties available.

What "Google Review" Had to Say About Me:

When we decided to sell our home we interviewed various Realtors from different brokerages with different business models and chose Ed Alculumbre from One Percent Realty. He showed us the benefits of going with the One Percent Realty model and we found Ed's personality and experience to be a great fit for us. We enjoyed the experience of selling our home with Ed. He was professional, knowledgeable, patient, articulate and responsive. He made a potentially complex and nerve wracking experience a very positive one. We were so impressed with Ed's professionalism in writing up the MLS Listing, determining the asking price, suggesting a selling strategy, providing staging advice, carrying out the 3D Tour, taking professional pictures, coordinating the showings and negotiating offers. We would highly recommend Ed to anyone thinking of selling their home. (November 2020)

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